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August 15, 2022 Article link

Vulnerability Report: Are LucidCharts Safe When Shared to Confluence?

When collaborating over multiple platforms, you need to secure all of them: integrations cause data and policies to shapeshift between platforms.

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July 18, 2022 4 minutes read

Astrix 🤝 Reco R&D meetup

We set up an R&D meetup with our good friends at Astrix Security, and we’re sharing the highlights with y’all!

June 9, 2022 11 minutes read

Gremlin-Python: Algorithm Development from the Ground Up

We've been working with Gremlin for the past 18 months and simply love it! To share our enthusiasm with the world, we compiled a list of helpful tips that will help you embark on your own GraphDB journey.

June 3, 2022 Article link

Reco is out of stealth

Reco Raises $30 Million to Enable Organizations To Collaborate Securely Using Its Context-Based AI Relationship Map

May 9, 2022 11 minutes read

We attended the Go Israel March 2022 Meetup. Here’s what we learned

A review of what the Israeli Golang community talks about in 2022, the fun things that happened in the meetup, and how it all relates to us at RecoLabs’ R&D.

January 20, 2022 13 minutes read

Don't Ever Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Tale

A story about how we (allegedly) found an undocumented or reported “bug” in Delta Lake, how we “mitigated” it, only to realize there wasn’t a bug in the first place. We still developed a cool solution, and we love it!

January 20, 2022 8 minutes read


A funny issue we encountered while implementing load balancing with AWS. The moral of the story: RTFM.

January 19, 2022 2 minutes read

print(“Hello, World! We’re R&D@RecoLabs.ai”)

Hello there👋! We're the RecoLabs.ai R&D Group, and we're delighted to welcome you to our blog, where we'll be posting about how we're building RecoLabs.