We gave a talk at the Go Israel November 2022 Meetup

November 13, 2022 Published by Nir Barak Tech Lead, Shay Nehmad VP Engineering

We gave a lecture at the Go Israel 2022 November Meetup!

After our latest visit to the Go Israel community in March, we kept in touch with the community and planned to give a talk at one of the meetups. Well - it happened in the November meetup! 🍂

The meetup was held at OpenWeb's beautiful offices, with pizzas, snacks, and beer. Like always the mingling was fun and it's nice to see the community going strong (there were ~80 people).

In this post, we will review both the talks that were held: one by Omry Mendelovich and one by us.

How OpenWeb used pipelines to accelerate our moderation scalability

The talk before us, by Omry Mendelovich, was about using Go channels, goroutines, and worker pools to parallelize data processes fast. They need it in OpenWeb for multiple purposes, such as content moderation. The talk included code as well which you can find on Omry's GitHub page.

The talk concluded with a few great tips on Go concurrency:

  • Use wait groups and other standard Go lib code - no need to develop many things to get up and running
  • Since Go channels are blocking, one can use channels as Semaphores
  • Remember to think about data races
  • Parallel isn't always faster - to find the optimum point, make sure you have "knobs" for a workload's parameters, such as chunk size and # of threads

How to use protobuf to shift-left your entire schema management for multiple disciplines

Click here for the slides, and here's the video:

Special thanks to Miki Tebeka and Guy Brandwine for spearheading the Go Israel community! 💙

What's next

We plan to hand in the talk for GopherCon Israel's CFP - let's hope it gets accepted :)